Your refrigeration units are systems that can quickly cost you a lot when they go down, both in lost business and wasted perishable food. Even refrigeration equipment that’s working but with poor temperature control can cost you a bundle in spoiled food and higher energy bills, not to mention the risk of health code violations and damaging your reputation.

In addition to your commercial refrigeration service & repair, DUS can also take care of your kitchen equipment and your HVAC systems as well.


When a critical piece of equipment breaks during a busy dinner shift, it’s an emergency. Call us any time of the day or night, and we’ll get there in a hurry and fix it fast.


The smartest food service owners and managers know that the best way to control repair expenses is with a commercial refrigeration maintenance contract. We custom-design each agreement for your needs, your equipment and your budget. Contracts can cover maintenance only, or can include repair parts and labor coverage.


Even if it’s not an emergency, we understand that when things are not working right, you need them fixed quickly and reliably. In fact, we provide a one year parts and labor warranty on all commercial refrigeration service & repair. We can also offer dependable advice when you’re facing a repair or replace decision.


DUS provides a one-year warranty on parts and labor for every commercial refrigerator repair.


To keep your refrigeration equipment working at its best, it needs periodic cleaning and inspection for failing parts and issues that could cause breakdowns. Maintenance is also important to keep energy bills down. We’ll take care of it at a convenient time for you and give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your kitchen is in tip-top shape.

Food service companies we serve:

Corporate cafeterias         Restaurants & bars           Hospitals and nursing homes


Retail chains           Gourmet food markets             Hotels                 Catering facilities

Some of the refrigeration equipment we repair & maintain:

Ice machines                  Walk-in boxes                       Freezers


Blast chillers

For more information about specific services, please contact us.