Keep you and your family comfortable for the whole year.

We take care of your home comforts, so you have the comfort and peace of mind you deserve.

We take care of your comfort, so you can avoid risks with a broken system and enjoy your life…

  • Have warm water come out of the shower whenever you need it.

  • A house heated in the winter.

  • You and your family free of impure air.

  • Your A/C vents cold air in the summer.

  • Your comfort systems run smoothly.

  • Allows your manufacturer warranty to stay intact.

  • Benefits.


How it Works

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It’s simple! Choose your plan according to the number of systems you have at home.


Schedule your first visit

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Invest in your comfort.

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All set

You’ll receive a professional HVAC maintenance service, with a complete maintenance checklist. After our first visit we will send you a contract, send you change filter reminders and pre-schedule your next maintenance.

Get your benefits

When you contract one of our packages you get the benefits automatically. No action required.

Luxury Residences             Restaurants and Bars                 Corporate            Cafeterias                   Offices

Movie Theaters              Hospitals & Clinics                    Data Centers                 Laboratories              Warehouses                Factories

Banks                Health Clubs            Museums                 Grocery Stores             Non-profits                    Government Facilities                 

 Faith-based Organizations             Schools                Universities              Airports

DUS can service any brand of equipment, but these are some of the most popular brands we work on every day:

Choose your Residential Packages

It’s simple! Choose your plan according to the number of systems you have at home.

For example:

If you have one furnace at home, it’s considered 1 comfort system package

If you have one furnace and one A/C, it’s considered 2 comfort systems package.

If you have one furnace, one A/C and one fireplace, it’s considered 3 comfort systems package.

*This package includes 1 gas water tank or tankless water heater  maintenance if you have one.


1 Comfort System
Annual Visit




2 Comfort Systems
Biannual visit




3 Comfort Systems
Biannual visit



If you have more than 3 systems.

Designed with you and your home in mind

Residential packages are designed with you and your home in mind. If you have 1, 2, 3 or more systems at your place you will need to maintain them at certain times. To make things easy for you, our packages are based on how many systems you have at home.

Thinking about it we designed affordable plans that are going to guarantee you and your family the peace of mind you deserve the whole year.

Attention as a whole:

Our plans are designed to ensure that all comfort systems you have are cleaned and checked at the planned period. Avoid unnecessary expenses with occasional visits which will cost much more for you.

When you contract one of our packages, you’ll receive a professional HVAC maintenance service. These services are designed to help spot emerging problems and potential breakdowns before they happen, allowing you to get them fixed quickly and effectively before they turn into expensive major repairs.

You’ll enjoy a home that’s more comfortable and has fewer disruptions for serious repairs as well as allowing your manufacturer warranty to stay intact.

Can we help you?

We can help in choosing the best solution for any time through our chat.

Home is our favorite place! It is very gratifying to have a home that is comfortable and cozy for the family! We at DUS, Inc. know this! We are born of a dream to make the difference in comfort!

Team DUS, INC!

We are proud to have worked in the Washington market since March 2006