Choose your Residential Packages

It’s simple! Choose your plan according to the number of systems you have at home.

For example:

If you have one furnace at home, it’s considered 1 comfort system package

If you have one furnace and one A/C, it’s considered 2 comfort systems package.

If you have one furnace, one A/C and one fireplace, it’s considered 3 comfort systems package.

*This package includes 1 gas water tank or tankless water heater  maintenance if you have one.


1 Comfort System
Annual Visit




2 Comfort Systems
Biannual visit




3 Comfort Systems
Biannual visit



If you have more than 3 systems.

Home is our favorite place! It is very gratifying to have a home that is comfortable and cozy for the family! We at DUS, Inc. know this! We are born of a dream to make the difference in comfort!

Team DUS, INC!

We are proud to have worked in the Washington market since March 2006